Cartoon Video Games

Good news everyone!!! Duck Tales, the game we all know and love, is getting a reboot!!! (I’m sure you have all heard by now…) And if you have not heard of the reboot yet, here is a trailer for it below… Duck Tales, Woo-oo!

Now with that out of the way, the reason I am writing about this is because Duck Tales made me think about all of the cartoon video games I played growing up, and there are a lot of them. Darkwing Duck, Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Animanics, and the list goes on. Now there are some pretty bad cartoon video games too. Most of the good games had one thing in common though, and this is in my opinion alone, and that is they had the same publisher… Capcom. Capcom_logo Don’t get me wrong there are some pretty good ones that were not produced by Capcom, but let’s face it they ruled the cartoon video game world back in the day.

So what does this all mean!?!? I have a theory and hopefully it pans out the way I think that it will.

When this game is released there are going to be a lot of reviews, because of both nostalgia, and it being released on every platform so nobody will miss it. I’m hoping that this game does review very well, so that gamers will want more. Then the ball will start rolling, and we will get more reboots from Capcom. (I want you so bad Mega Man.) The reboots will probably still stem from the Disney side of things. (Ahh, no Mega Man…) So if this works out, we could possibly start to see reboots like Aladdin, Chip and Dale’s, and one that I would love to see, Darkwing Duck.

What I would like to know is what is your favorite cartoon video game? And also if you think it should get a reboot. Let me know below!!