Graphics VS Gameplay

I have recently discovered that there has been a huge divide in my friends. It has been there for a very long time, and nobody has seemed to notice. One half of my friends, love to play older games, and the other half are playing the latest and greatest from developers. The big divide is graphics vs gameplay. Now don’t get me wrong, some older games have great graphics, and some newer games have good gameplay.

Assassins Creed This was brought up while we were playing through a relatively newer game, where it was visually stunning but I felt that it could have had better gameplay. Of course he was opposite and felt like it could be the best game of that generation just because of the graphics. The game was Assassins Creed for Xbox 360. Now this game is pretty amazing, but I just felt it was too repetitive. The game is beautiful, with an open world, where you can do just about anything. But when it came to the missions or quests, it was a little lacking. You just listen to people, sneak around, and kill somebody. So after a huge feud, a few broken bones and black eyes (just kidding), we looked back at other games that we could butt heads about.

Secret of Mana For the opposite end of the debate, we came across was Secret of Mana for the SNES. While I loved this game, beginning to end, my friend couldn’t make it 30 minutes into the game because graphically it didn’t appeal to him. Now I can agree with him, because the Mode 7 made me want to throw up, but it still didn’t break the game for me.

Now these little arguments were not all that bad. They made me realize that the gaming world has expanded so much over the years. It has brought more people into the gaming community because developers make new graphics engines, so people will see the newest graphical achievements. Or because the Indie games take people back to their childhood, with their retro feel. Whatever the case may be, you can be placed into these two categories. Which are you? Gameplay or graphics?

I would love to hear your stories on the gameplay and graphics subject! Please do so below!