iOS GTA: Vice City

iOS Vice City Nothing gets me more excited than stealing a random car and running over some unsuspecting pedestrians. So when I found Vice City on the iOS App Store, I screamed like a school girl who just had Justin Beiber follow her Twitter account. Yes, I was that excited.

Now with most games that have been ported to iOS, there are horrible touchscreen controls. I have a couple of games on my phone that I bought from $.99 to $4.99 that were broken just because of the touchscreen controls. So when I saw this I was very hesitant to buy it. But once I read the reviews I went ahead and purchased it, and I am very pleased with the game.

At the time the PS2 Vice City graphics were pretty awesome. But for today’s standard, they are horrid. In the iOS version Rockstar did polish them up ever so slightly, which is great. I mean, you can’t have GTA IV graphics on an iPhone, so there is nothing to complain about.

iOS Vice City 2

The controls were way more than I asked for. The game does come with the default control settings, which didn’t suit me very well, but they do have a little bit of customization. This helped me find the best control setup that fit me. I have been through more than half of the game and never once found the controls to be buggy or broken.

The game does still come with your favorite 80s tracks, but Rockstar added one more feature to the music system, Tape Deck. Tape Deck allows you to create a custom playlist from your Music App, and play them while you’re driving around Vice City. All you do is create a custom playlist, label it ‘VICECITY’, and then boot up the game. While in a vehicle, change the radio station until you hit Tape Deck and you’re good to go.

I absolutely enjoy this port of Vice City and found the graphics to be super smooth on my iPhone 5. If you are nervous about purchasing this app, don’t be. As always, if there is something you would like to add or just want to comment, please do so below.


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